Investment Management

Investment Management

The Highlands Wealth Advisors Investment Experience consists of the following four-step collaborative process:

1. Needs Assessment

The Highlands Wealth Advisors Investment Experience begins with our engaging and interactive Needs Assessment. At the outset of a new client relationship, we will spend tremendous time in order to develop a complete understanding of a client’s unique needs, desires, goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, income requirements, tax status, and special circumstances. This process may include a detailed review of tax records, outside 401(k) or retirement accounts, prior investment experience, and risk profile. During this step, we also educate clients about the Highlands Wealth Advisors investment philosophy and approach.

2. Investment Policy

After discussing a client’s specific needs, we will draft a customized Investment Policy. The Investment Policy is the cornerstone of the investment management experience and outlines the overall investment philosophy, target allocation, goals, constraints, risk tolerance, income and liquidity needs, tax status, and any other special circumstances that could affect how a client’s assets are invested.

3. Initial Implementation

Highlands Wealth Advisors begins the investment process only after the client has reviewed and approved the Investment Policy. We design a customized implementation plan for each client that takes into account the specific composition and complexity of their portfolio.

Highlands Wealth Advisors’ portfolios are designed to be globally diversified, low-cost, and tax-efficient. Highlands Wealth Advisors is one of a select number of firms that has been approved as a Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) investment advisor. Armed with decades of research from the most respected academics in the field, DFA constructs its funds based on the science of capital markets. Highlands Wealth Advisors is proud to provide its clients access to DFA funds as part of their overall investment strategy.

4. Monitoring, Rebalancing, and Reporting

Driven by a client’s individual Investment Policy, Highlands Wealth Advisors continuously monitors a client’s investments, rebalancing to Investment Policy targets, and investing or raising additional cash flows when necessary. Highlands Wealth Advisors provides clients with quarterly portfolio appraisal and performance reports, and maintains detailed tax records for each client account, creating a seamless wealth management experience.

We conduct periodic meetings with clients, as necessary, to review their portfolio, update the Investment Policy, and discuss any significant changes in one’s life or financial situation. In addition, we can work closely with a client’s tax professional, estate planning attorney, and other advisers.