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WSJ: Brokers Raise Fees, but Not for Investors: Why You Should Care

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Jun 14 2012

Excellent Wall Street Journal article showcasing the conflict of interest exhibited by some brokerage firms.  As a fiduciary, fee-only adviser, our clients’ interests always come first:

WSJ: How to Time Social Security

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May 25 2012

An extremely helpful and succinct guide from the Wall Street Journal outlines the pros and cons of when to take your Social Security benefits:

Vanguard: Impatient today, broke tomorrow?

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Apr 06 2012

Interesting article by Vanguard examining some academic studies of people’s savings habits and how they apply to retirement planning.  Worth the quick read:


MMR: Ordinary investors may be missing out on Dow’s run-up

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Feb 29 2012

Wonderful interview this morning on the Marketplace Morning Report discussing the shortcoming of market timing and its effect on investors missing out on the recent market rally:

WSJ: The Battle Over Brokers’ Duty to Their Clients Reaches a Standstill

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Jan 24 2012

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal exposes the difference in fiduciary standards between traditional brokers and investment advisors like Highlands Wealth Advisors:

WSJ: Long Odds for Investors

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Dec 05 2011

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal analyzes the difficulty in identifying successful stock pickers and mutual funds that outperform in the long run, and how survivorship bias can prejudice data.  Further evidence in favor of a passive approach to investing!

WSJ: Why Fund Fees Barely Budge

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Nov 02 2011

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discusses the high fees of actively managed mutual funds and the impact they have on long-term performance.  A key tenet of the Highlands Wealth Advisors investment philosophy is the use of low-cost, passive mutual funds:

WSJ: When ‘Focused’ Funds Falter

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Oct 19 2011

Further evidence in favor of broad diversification and against high fee, actively managed funds in this past weekend’s Wall Street Journal:

WSJ: Reason to Believe in Santa’s Ability to Deliver Solid Returns

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Oct 04 2011

Some interesting data in this article from the Wall Street Journal about the “Santa Claus Effect” and the futility of market timing:

WSJ: Negative Sentiment Could Be a Positive

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Sep 23 2011

A short article in today’s Wall Street Journal that is worth a quick read for concerned investors looking for a bright spot after the downturn in the financial markets this week: